Does the fantasy of your dream kitchen come with a Wolf stove + convection oven and a three-sided fireplace separating the main rooms? Done! How about an outdoor kitchen with BBQ and fire pit among the lounge chairs by the heated pool? No problem. We are fully licensed for gas and ready to fulfill your dreams.

So whether you dream of a gourmet kitchen, snuggling up before the dancing flames of a cozy fireplace or the simple pleasure of a warm towel against your skin after a bath – these luxuries can be easily built into your custom home. Dream big. We’ll make it happen. You’ve earned it.


With essential plumbing for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, plus added features like swimming pools, automated irrigation, hydronics etc., the complexity of modern homes need to be properly managed. BLTN seamlessly integrates the proper equipment so everything operates unseen with clockwork precision and is easily managed from a single control centre – your mechanical room.

This means that you are free to enjoy the ultimate spa experience in your steam bath after the gym. Go ahead, pour some wine, turn up the jazz and settle into your freestanding tub and relax the stress away. Your mechanical room automatically controlling these amenities will allow you to rest, assured.


Maintaining a warm comfortable environment at home is a necessity, especially when we spend so much time there. There is nothing more luxurious than gentle radiant heated floors. And nothing more convenient than waking up on a cold winter’s morning after a snowfall, to discover that the snow on your driveway is melted.

Indoors you’ll go barefoot through the house all winter. You’ll also experience much cleaner air quality with less dust and allergens. And let’s not forget outdoors, with automatic snowmelt on the driveway and walkway, you can finally just get up and go – worry free.


BLTN specializes in designing custom living environments to provide the ultimate comfort for each of our clients; to suit their lifestyle and the unique design of their home. Keep in mind, these decisions will last a lifetime and are costly to redo. Do it right the first time.

If living in comfort is something you value, it’s best to consult with us before finalizing your architectural plans. We’ll assess your lifestyle needs and working with the architect, design a custom HVAC system to meet your requirements, without compromising the aesthetics of your new custom home. This is what we call: The Luxury of Built-in Comfort.™

” BLTN was hired to install a gas line for our outside fire pit and gas barbecue. Roberto was nothing but professional, attentive and a pleasure to work with. His knowledge and suggestions helped us a great deal. He always showed up on the date/time scheduled and performed the job in the time allotted. I would highly recommend his services and wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again. In fact, I did!”

Linda M

“We hired BLTN Mechanical twice. The first time was when we completely renovated our basement. They took care of all the plumbing upgrades and added a back up prevention valve. Their recommendations actually improved on what we had requested. And the final invoice was exactly as originally quoted. No unexpected surprises. The whole experience was stress free and pleasant. Thanks Roberto!”

Maria and Diego E.

“We have used BLTN Mechanical several times and would highly recommend them. They are professional, experienced and reliable. Roberto’s recommendations were on point. He completed the job quickly and was very thorough, making sure everything worked perfectly. Excellent workmanship. Better than other services we have used in the past.”

Jen C

“I am delighted to recommend BLTN Mechanical for all plumbing and gas installations you may require. Roberto installed a gas manifold in my home that serves a furnace, two gas stoves, two fireplaces and a gas BBQ. His price was fair and workmanship meticulous. I’d never hesitate to put my professional reputation on the line for Roberto and BLTN Mechanical.”

Lou T