When you live, work and play at home, there is nothing as exciting as customizing your personal space to suit your demanding lifestyle. So go ahead and dream of a home that is truly bespoke; that reflects the unique lifestyle you wish to experience. BLTN will design your environment, customized with all the luxuries, to bring your vision to life.

Meet Roberto

With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, we’ve learned this business is not about us. It’s all about you, the client. So we listen carefully. We ask the right questions. We care about your dream as if it’s our own. And we’re meticulous in maintaining the highest standards of quality and service possible. Why? Because our goal with each and every client, is to deliver the luxury of built-in comfort.

So call us in for a consultation, early in the design process.

Roberto Oppedisano
Owner, BLTN Mechanical


Dreaming about and building our forever home is not something you approach to do better the next time. You need to make sure that whomever you hire understands your goals and approaches their work with passion. And if they’re anything like us at BLTN, they’ll also be reliable, very approachable and trust-worthy. We get it done right the first time. And that simply means, you’ll love where you live.

Snow Melt Case Study

As an outdoor project, this required close collaboration with our sister company, Elite Blue Architectural Landscapes, to design, excavate, lay a network of hydronic loops, set up the mechanical room and complete with expert stonework and gorgeous landscaping.

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