With BLTN as your mechanical subcontractor, you gain the tremendous advantage of a versatile, highly skilled team on hand; a single point of contact for all HVAC, gas, water and radiant heat installations.

Singular accountability means valuable time savings, simpler planning and project management, and, consistently higher quality work across the board.

Choosing BLTN as your subcontract partner will ensure projects pass inspection, and are delivered on budget and on schedule. Which in turn, makes you look good.

So call us in for a consultation, early in the design process.

Roberto Oppedisano
Owner, BLTN Mechanical

3-Step Process


We always begin client relations with a lifestyle needs assessment, leading to the design of customized systems to meet their unique needs. For us, the client’s lifestyle is always central to determining the direction of our work.

3-Step Process


BLTN is known for meticulous work behind the walls and impeccable finish outside. We choose the best materials and go the extra mile to ensure longevity, lowest maintenance needed and the highest efficiency possible, within the systems we install.

3-Step Process


Our track record of satisfied clients is an achievement we’re especially proud of. We complete each project with client training to ensure they are well educated on the custom features, appliances and functionality of their new mechanical room.


Roberto Oppedisano, Owner, BLTN Mechanical

Every detail matters in the pursuit of excellence. We demand this of ourselves and our clients expect no less. And we’d have it no other way. We’re very particular about our work, so we tend to put our heart and soul into each project. The best reward for going the extra mile is the satisfaction that we did an amazing job and the testimony of delighted clients. What better reason to be in business?!

Turnkey Lifestyle Technologies

Roberto brings a quiet confidence and professionalism to a job site. He’s also excellent at project planning. Now that I’ve found someone with his exception skills, BLTN Mechanical is my “go-to-partner” for integrating plumbing, gas and hydronic systems into our smart home projects. I highly recommend BLTN!

ProFit Construction

As a residential contractor, it is vital that we partner with skilled trades that are responsive and punctual, to get the job done without compromise. BLTN Mechanical has become our main source for high-end custom plumbing/hydronics and HVAC over the past year. After working together on numerous luxury projects with outstanding results and ecstatic clients, we would strongly recommend BLTN.

Derrick B, Custom Home Owner

The thing I admire the most about Roberto besides his meticulous work, is his holistic approach. He brings a ton of experience and ensures that everything must work together: plumbing, electrical, hydronics, drywall etc. This custom project is my forever home, so I really appreciate the care he takes to ensure that everything he does is seamlessly integrated with the other trades.

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